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General Information about CoyoteMail powered by Google Accounts

Who's Affected?

How Do I Get Started?

Privacy and Security

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General Information about Student CoyoteMail powered by Google Accounts

Why is CSUSB replacing the old system with Google CoyoteMail powered by Google?

The existing CSUSB SUN Solaris email system hardware has reached its end-of-life and needs to be replaced. Analysis of costs, configurations, and features of various email systems indicates that partnering with Google's Gmail will provide students with a fast, feature-rich, cost-effective email solution.

What are the benefits and advantages of the new CoyoteMail powered by Google account?

The University decided to switch to Google Apps in order to offer improved email and more advanced collaboration services, while still reducing overall costs.

Gmail offers a number of improvements over the existing CSUSB SUN system, including more storage, and a more contemporary web interface. Gmail also comes with additional applications that students can use to interact with other students.

By using the new CSUSB CoyoteMail account, students will have access to Google Apps, a hosted integrated communication and collaboration suite which includes:

  • Google Gmail - Each user account has over 7 GB of mail storage and an attachment size of 25 MB. Search tools that help you find information fast and perform instant messaging from right inside your accounts using “Google Talk.”
  • Google Talk - Send instant messages to your contacts for free anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Google Calendar - Organize your schedules and share events and calendars with others.
  • Google Docs - Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or anyone you invite to join.

How much is Google Apps and CoyoteMail powered by Google going to cost?

Google Apps is free to educational institutions.

When will my old email account be transferred to the new CoyoteMail powered by Google?

Your existing old account will be transferred, in its entirety, to Gmail in mid-September 2010. It is not possible to determine exactly when your account will be transferred.

Who's Affected

Who will be affected?

At this time only active students at CSUSB will receive a new CoyoteMail account.

Will all the students at the university get a new CoyoteMail powered by Google account?

Yes, CSUSB will begin to transition all current students from the old email system into new CoyoteMail powered by Google accounts.

Will my existing email address change?

YES, your official CSUSB email address will change to

When will the new email be activated?

The new CoyoteMail will be activated in mid-September 2010. The date will be prominently announced. From this date on ALL your email will be sent to your new account, including email sent to your old account.

Can I still access my old email account?

You will be able to access your old email account before your existing account is transferred to CoyoteMail. Your existing account will be transferred, in its entirety, to the new account soon after activation of the new email accounts. All of your existing messages, folders, configurations, etc. will move from your old account to your new account. Once your old account has been transferred, you will not longer be able to access your old email account.

Where do I find my old email?

If you email account has not yet been transferred to your new CoyoteMail account, you will find your old email on the old student email account. After your account has been transferred you will find ALL your email on your new CoyoteMail account. You can always log into MyCoyote to confirm your email address.

Will I lose the existing messages stored in my old email account?

No, all of the existing messages in your current CSUSB email account will be transferred to your new CoyoteMail account, including your existing mail folders and your private mailing lists.

Can I opt out of using my CSUSB CoyoteMail account?

No, your CSUSB CoyoteMail account is your official CSUSB email address. Even though the email services are provided by Google, the CSUSB CoyoteMail email address is your OFFICIAL address provided by CSUSB.

CSUSB sends email communications to your CSUSB email address, and is recorded in the University's electronic directories. Students are expected to check their email accounts on a frequent and consistent basis to stay current with university-related communications.

If an individual wishes to have email forwarded from their CSUSB email account to another email address (e.g.,,, etc), the individual may do so, but at his or her own risk. The university is not responsible for the handling of email forwarded to other providers. Having email forwarded does not change the individual's responsibility for reading and responding to official communications sent to his/her official CSUSB email account. For more information on student email, please see the official CSUSB policy, Campus Email Structure and Communication Policy

How long do I get to keep the CoyoteMail address?

Since your CoyoteMail address is actually your CSUSB address, you will be able to keep your account as long as you maintain a good standing with CSUSB.

What happens if I have my current email forwarded?

Your email will continue to be forwarded to the the same address set in your email preferences. In addition, any email sent to your old student email account will be forwarded as well to your new CoyoteMail account. You will also be able to to set up a forward address for your CoyoteMail. To do that, check out the forwarding instructions

How Do I Get Started?

Gmail “Getting Started” guide

Go to the Google Gmail tutorial site. This site has good information, including how to handle Spam and how to set up filters.

How do I log into my new CoyoteMail powered by Google account?

Users can login through the CoyoteMail website or by following the link located in the campus Web Mail page

Do I need a new password?

You will log into CoyoteMail on the Web using your Coyote ID and password.

I already have a Gmail account, can I use that account instead of the CSUSB CoyoteMail account?

No, not as your official CSUSB email address. The University sends important emails to your official campus email account, so you will need to log into this account on a regular basis in order to see registration appointment times, financial aid awards, important messages, etc.

Privacy and Security

How secure is Google Apps?

Google is contractually and legally responsible to protect information. They will not share email contents or personal information to outside parties. Their business is based on providing highly secure services. Google provides encrypted connections when logged into the Web, with IMAP and when using the Google Outlook Connector.

Does CoyoteMail powered by Google meet the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) guidelines?

Under the CSU Master Agreement, Google must protect all confidential information in the same manner it protects its own. In addition, Google must comply with all laws and regulations. This includes FERPA and HIPAA.

Is CoyoteMail powered by Google Accessible (508 compliant)?

Google is actively working on 508 compliance and cites Gmail as a priority. More information is provided at Google Accessibility Resources site. Users with disabilities have the following options to access their e-mail:

  1. Users can view Gmail with basic HTML.
  2. Users can view Gmail using free 508 compliant software such as Thunderbird.
  3. Users can use Gmail with accessible technologies, which are available in the ATC lab.

Will Spam be filtered so it doesn't come to my new CoyoteMail powered by Google account?

Yes, the University will use the standard security options provided by Google to minimize any Spam being delivered to your mailbox. No ads will appear in the CSUSB implementation of Gmail and Google Apps.

Where Can I Get Help?

Google Gmail Help link

If you have a specific question, go to the top right corner of your Gmail page and you will see a Help link. On the Help page, you can browse the categories or type your problem into the search box.

CSUSB Help Desk

To get technical support from the University, contact Data Center and Help Desk Services, (909) 537-7677 or you may contact them through their help website